Dr. Anahita Kaul

About Dr. Anahita Kaul

General Medicine Physician

Dr. Anahita Kaul is a Canadian Registered General Practitioner in the U.A.E, currently the General Medicine Physician at California Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Center in Dubai Healthcare City.
She has prior experience in working with several clinics in the Emirate of Dubai, including the Emergency Department and the in-patient Wards/ICU and Emergency Room.

Having lived in 4 different countries during the course of her life, Dr. Kaul is a very culturally aware person and respects people who come from different backgrounds. She is a strong advocate of smart and holistic medicine while at the same time believes in giving comprehensive and integrative health care delivery to her patients utilizing the latest advances in modern medical practice. She chose to live and work in Dubai as she grew up here and wanted to be her family, as well as the excellent level of healthcare here which caters strongly to her personality and professional goals.

Areas of Interest and Expertise:

  • – Adult and Geriatric Medicine

(with appropriate and relevant patient workup)

  • – Preventative Medicine and Holistic healthcare
  • – Integrative Healthcare
  • – Sports medicine
  • – Nutrition
  • – Counseling and Referral
  • – Total Body Functionality and Metabolic workup
  • – Urgent care
  • – Follow up care