About Dr. Tarek Alameddine

Chiropractor Doctor of CAM

Dr. Tarek Alameddine graduated as a Chiropractic Physician from Southern California University of Health Sciences in 2002.

He has extensive knowledge in Chiropractic care and believes that a well aligned back that’s free of restrictions is key to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Dr Tarek is dedicated to helping people with their musculoskeletal problems and alleviating their stresses thus improving quality of life. 

Having lived and worked most of his life in the USA, he served in different areas and treated a wide array of cases such as work injuries, personal injuries, car accidents, etc.. That helped him acquire the skills necessary to serve patients in the most effective way possible. 

Dr Tarek possesses great listening skills enabling him to work closely with his patients in order to customize the most suitable treatments.


His philosophy is “ Excellent patient care should be a physician’s first priority”

He is fluent in both English and Arabic.