Leigh-Anne Byron

About Leigh-Anne Byron

Massage Therapist

Leigh-Anne graduated with a BHS(Hons) in Sport Science from the University of St Mark & St John in 2013. As a pro-competitor in body building events, Leigh-Anne has always shown a keen interest in the Health & Fitness industry and this passion has been the driving force behind a career in Sports Massage. Whilst studying at University, Leigh-Anne was particularly interested in Injury Prevention and the processes required to maintain an overall healthy body and mind.


Since graduating from University, Leigh-Anne has qualified as a Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist with Premier Global International. Leigh-Anne follows superior assessment protocols to determine the best treatment plan for her patients to ensure their massage is effective and delivers results. Depending on the treatment, Leigh-Anne uses a variety of techniques such as, trigger point therapy soft, and deep tissue therapy.


Leigh-Anne has worked with many athletes and covering a wide variety of injuries. In her previous clinic she worked closely with the college rugby team with many athletes working towards their scholarships after graduating. Leigh-Anne is experienced with common rugby injuries such as post operation shoulder replacement, Overused muscles, sprains and fractures. Leigh-Anne has a great understanding of the importance of pre-season preparation and maintenance of overall body health to keep athletes safe at a high level of training.

Leigh-Anne believes continually learning is a fundamental requirement of her role and is currently working towards extending her therapeutic skills and looking to further her knowledge by proceeding onto level 5.


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