5 Tips For Summer Bone Health

Around the UAE, suitcases are being dusted off to be packed for the summer holidays and kids are counting down the days till school closes.

One of the main ways to enjoy any holiday is to avoid injuries and pain whilst carrying out  various activities. 

Here are some tips to help prevent untimely and painful injuries:

1- Keep Hydrated – Drinking enough water is essential for your muscles and to avoid stiffness in joints and bones.

2- Daily Stretches – Don’t put your stretches on pause, especially important when you are more active outdoors in the summer abroad.

3- Hand Luggage – Choose what you will be carrying daily with you wisely. If you are doing a lot of sightseeing or walking a lot, you need to make sure whatever you are carrying does not put strain on your neck, shoulders or back.

4- Take Breaks – Sometimes when we are in a new city and have lots to do, we get carried away and don’t take enough breaks. Sit down every now and then and rest your feet and back.

– Comfy Shoes – Whether you are walking around shopping, site seeing or on a hiking trail, comfortable shoes look after your legs and back.

Stay healthy and have a great summer!