Calf Tear Treatment

Calf Strain

Calf muscle tears, common at California Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Center, are akin to Achilles tendon issues but occur higher in the leg. Characterized by sudden pain, a potential “pop” sound, swelling, bruising, and difficulty walking or standing on toes, these tears often result from acceleration or directional changes, though even walking can cause them. 

Physiotherapists grade calf strains: 

  • Grade 1: Minor tears with a recovery time of 2 to 4 weeks. 
  • Grade 2: Partial tearing requires about 4 to 8 weeks for full recovery with proper rehabilitation. 
  • Grade 3: Severe strain involving complete tearing demands 3-4 months for recovery, occasionally requiring surgery. 

At California Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Center, we emphasize a comprehensive chiropractic approach to calf muscle tear treatment. Our specialized care focuses on the six crucial stages outlined by researchers, ensuring effective rehabilitation and minimizing the risk of recurrence.