Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Many people might not be aware that certain chiropractic adjustments can be very beneficial and
relieving for the expectant mother.

Chiropractic adjustment tailored for pregnant women, is focused around the pelvic and abdominal
area. This is to increase flexibility, mobility and laxity during pregnancy. Opening up the pelvic area
also gives the baby more room to manoeuvre and get some leg space!

That all too common lower back pain and general overall stiffness is also eased.

Studies have shown that childbirth is eased for the mother because her body is more flexible and
relaxed after correct chiropractic care during the entire pregnancy.

So, if you are an expecting mother come in for some much-needed relief!

If you are a father-to- be, get some brownie points, and make that appointment for your wife!