Muhammed Javed

About Muhammed Javed


Muhammed Javed Subbah, has always been a fitness enthusiast, after completing his master’s degree in sports physical therapy from India, he concentrated his work in hospitals concentrating on Orthopaedic and Sports Rehabilitation. 

Being active in sports from an early age, he had always been fascinated by how the human body functions and can be trained to such amazing abilities in different ways. In addition to clinical involvement, pursuit of additional knowledge helped him enhance his therapist abilities. 

He is not dependent on conventional approaches, rather he follows physical assessment methods, carries out manual therapy as per the individual patients needs and always recommends some corrective exercise with reeducation. 

He was previously an instructor for Smart Tools Plus, where he delivers education on the IASTM technique. 

Javed is a former educator of physical therapists and fitness professionals as a Master Instructor of Barefoot Training Education from Evidence Based Fitness Academy; USA. 

Twist Master Coach from Twist Conditioning; Canada. 

Master Instructor for Trigger Point Therapy; USA 

Javed’s philosophy is 

“No matter who you are no matter what you do, you absolutely, positively do have the power to change”