Degenerative Disc Treatment

Degenerative Disc

Disc degeneration refers to the gradual thinning of the intervertebral disc, the cartilaginous cushion situated between the bones of the spine. As this degeneration progresses, it leads to a narrowing of the spinal canal space, potential irritation of facet joints, and the development of painful bone spurs on the vertebrae. Interestingly, some individuals with degenerative disc disease may experience no pain or symptoms, while others can find relief through chiropractic care, specifically Cox Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression, administered by a chiropractor. Degenerative disc disease is a prevalent cause of both lower back and neck pain, though it is often misunderstood. In simple terms, it refers to symptoms like pain, weakness, or numbness stemming from a deteriorating disc in the spine.  

If you are dealing with degenerative disc disease, contact us to discuss a tailored treatment plan for effective management.