Do Your Kids Have Healthy Bones?


Sometimes, our kids complain about growing pains. But when do you know that something is serious? How do you know that their bone health is where it should be?

Children build bone mass throughout their childhood to make up a strong frame that can carry them through life. Early health habits are essential for maintaining strong bones in the future and preventing osteoporosis.

These habits include a balanced healthy diet rich in minerals and vitamins. Regular exercise and posture awareness is especially important in this age of technology and gadget dependence.

So, are there any red flags you should look out for when it comes to your child’s bone health?

  • Aches and pains that last for more than a week
  • Bones that are very tender to the touch
  • Local swelling/puffiness
  • Frequent broken bones or bone fractures
  • Vitamin D or Calcium deficiency

If your child exhibits any of the above symptoms, bring them in for a comprehensive bone check-up!