Frequently Asked Questions

I've never seen a chiropractor/physiotherapist before, what should I expect?

Your visit will be a comfortable relaxed experience where the doctor will listen to you and work with you to resolve your concerns.

Will my treatment be painful?

We say no, it is going to be based on your pain tolerance, or you may describe the experience as ‘good pain’ where it may feel tender but not bad excruciating pain. It will be tailored to your tolerance. Generally our patients find it a relaxing and comfortable experience  often making comments of how much better they are feeling at the end of the treatment.

How long will my visit last?

Allow yourself up to an hour for your first visit.

Will I need x-rays or MRI?

Depending upon your assessment or if you are not responding as expected to your treatment we may look at carrying out further tests. Whilst it may be helpful, initially its not a requirement.

Will I need a referral to another doctor or surgeon?

Not necessarily, however this can help if you have been seeing another doctor for your condition. Your insurance company may require you to have a referral for this kind of therapy, if they do please call our receptionist to discuss this further as we can help you obtain a referral if you don’t have one.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

We understand that occasionally, patients may need to reschedule their appointments. Because of the attention each patient receives at the clinic, it is preferred that patients cancel at least 24 hours in advance. Patients who miss their appointment without notifying the clinic will be charged.

What types of payment does the clinic accept?

We accept cash and most credit/debit cards.

How can I claim the money back from my health insurance?

Please let us know which insurance you are with prior to your visit and we will have a reimbursement form prepared for you. You will need to send the reimbursement form and receipt to you insurance company.

What if I have been involved in an accident or been hospitalised for this condition?

Then we would take extra time to evaluate all the circumstances of your case.

Will I need to get undressed?

We always maintain your personal comfort levels, depending upon the area, if its your ankle you will only have to take your sock off!! There is a misconception that you have to remove your clothes for a manipulation, you do not.