Feeling Achy and Out of Whack?

Do you wake up some days with an achy and stiff body? And then throughout the day, you feel a
tinge here and there and no matter how you sit you just can’t get comfortable?

While there are several possible causes of stiffness, one of the most common ones is spinal

As you move around day in day out, the vertebrae in your spine adjust accordingly to give you fluid

However sometimes we make a move that can cause a misalignment in the spine. That move can
include anything from a sneeze to an exercise move not done properly, or a certain sleeping
position, and when it isn’t taken care of by suitable professional adjustment, the stiffness and ache
starts spreading through the connected pathways of your body.

Our Tip – Proper stretching every day is essential to iron out the kinks and undo the knots.

So, if you are feeling achy and stiff, give us a call.