Head and Neck Injury Treatment

Head and Neck Injuries

The head and neck is neurologically a very important area. It is highly innervated with lots of nerves, muscles that provide gross movement and fine motor control, and an abundance of proprioceptors providing lots of information of where our head is in space.

Like lower down in the spine, the neck can be susceptible to issues such as disc injuries, joint injuries and ligament strains. Common causes of injury like whiplash can effect all these structures, and symptoms felt in the arm can often be coming from issues in the neck. The temporomandibular joint, the joints that allow our jaw to open and close, talk and chew our food, is also a very important area of the body. This is the most used joint in the body, therefore any issues with the jaw, can potentially lead to issues with the neck and other areas of the body further from the jaw.