Head, Neck, Shoulders and Handbags

Yes ladies, we know how important your handbag is. Not only does it have everything you need to carry you through your day, but it is an essential accessory to complete your outfit!

Unfortunately, it can also cause you a lot of back, shoulder and neck pain!

The muscles in your neck and shoulder are strained when you carry your bag for extended periods of time; think running errands in the mall over a few hours.

It can get very strenuous, especially since most women favour one particular side to carry their bag, and that causes an imbalance in their walk.

Likewise, bags carried on your arm also strain various muscles.

We know better than to ask you to retire your handbags, so here are some more practical tips you can do!

  • Lighten the load – get rid of excess change and any unneeded stuff that have accumulated during your week.
  • Switch sides – that will relieve the strain and tension on the favoured arm or shoulder.
  • Travel size – Lessen the weight by using travel size make up or perfume.
  • Switch to smaller purses when running out for a quick errand.
  • Stretch in the morning to prepare your muscles for the day and whenever you feel them tensing up.

If you would like more information on exactly how handbags affect your back, neck and shoulders, make an appointment to see one of our doctors!