Headache and Migraine Treatment


Headaches are a prevalent issue, with many considering them a normal part of life. However, they signal an underlying problem, and chiropractic treatment has proven effective in addressing various types of headaches. Approximately 20 to 30 percent of adults experience tension-type headaches monthly, and over 17 percent with frequent headaches meet diagnostic criteria for cervicogenic headaches. Malfunction of spinal bones in the neck and upper back is a frequently overlooked cause of headaches. When these bones lose their normal position or motion, it can impact sensitive nerves and blood vessels to the head, leading to throbbing headaches. While pain relievers may mask the symptoms, they don’t address the structural root cause. Migraine and tension-type headaches differ but are closely related. Chiropractic care has demonstrated efficacy in treating both, along with neck pain and stiffness. Recent studies emphasize the link between headaches and nerve irritation, with muscle tension at the base of the neck identified as a contributing factor. Chiropractic adjustments can help restore normal spinal function, alleviating headache symptoms by addressing the underlying structural issues.