Headaches and Your Posture

Do you get frequent headaches? Did you know one of the primary causes of headaches is a consistently wrong posture?

One of the top three reasons people come to see us here in Dubai, is for headaches. More precisely,
cervicogenic headaches, which are caused by muscle tension in the neck and usually include a
pulsating feeling behind the eyes.

Think about how long you look down at your phone, extending your neck in an unnatural way for
long periods of time. Notice how your neck comes forward when you are working on your computer,
or how you hold your phone between your ear and shoulder while you type on your computer.
These are unnatural poses for your neck and can cause severe muscle tension.

Of course, there are other causes of headaches that the we need to rule out first by talking about
your history, like migraines, cluster headaches, diet and any chronic conditions.

After confirming the nature of your headache, we would work on releasing the muscles, mobilising
and strengthening them over a certain length of time.

Our Tip: Being aware of your posture is key to minimising several back, shoulder and neck issues that
can become chronic over time.

So, if you have a headache, instead of depending on pain killers that are a temporary fix, come in to
see us and we might be able to help!