Healthy You, Healthy Me, Healthy Me

Personalized Healthcare for a Fit and Fruitful New Year

Personalized Healthcare is a concept which focusses on the individual health care needs of a person rather than simply ‘sick care’ or only tackling an illness or disease when it occurs.

Medicine is certainly not “one size fits all” as people come from all walks of life and are unique in their own way. This being said, Personalized Medicine and Personalized Healthcare is essential to cater to people’s specific and individual healthcare needs.

 At California Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Center, we offer a combination of Chiropractic care, Sports and Lifestyle medicine, Physiotherapy and Orthopedic medicine, which provide a true 360 degree approach to patient care. 

Here are 5 Healthy Tips for a fresh start to the New Year:

  1. Exercise Regularly- Exercise improves Cardiovascular fitness, Spinal health and Muscle strength. It also improves overall mood and raises energy levels
  2. Eating Right – Improve your diet by consuming a good amount of fresh fruits and veggies, with also a focus on Omega 3s, protein and high fiber foods for overall health
  3. Stay Hydrated! Drink good amount of water throughout the day to avoid Dehydration 
  4. Adopt healthy Lifestyle changes such as smoking cessation, alcohol limitation and getting good amount of sleep as well- allows your mind and body to be physically recharged and mentally refreshed.
  5. And lastly, give yourself a break- reconnect with family and friends, strengthen social relationships, exercise gratitude and even digitally detox once a while!