How You Can Help Your Doctor To Help You

‘Doctor Im Not Feeling Any Better”

Yes, some weeks we hear that more than others!

But have you stopped to think, how long you have been in pain before you decided to consult your Chiropractor?

A person who has been living with pain for several years may require a longer treatment period to see results. After all, you didn’t get to this  level of pain overnight.

A person who is seeking Chiropractic adjustments for a relatively fresh injury or onset of pain may require shorter treatment time.

So how can you as a patient help yourself and your doctor to gain optimum results during treatment?

Listen to the advice that your Chiropractor gives you to follow in-between clinic visits things like:


Keep Hydrated ( especially now that the weather is getting hotter)

Appropriate levels of exercise

Use your foam roller to maintain flexibility

Exercises to follow ( for a specific injury) 

Remember there is no immediate fix for pain!

Chiropractic adjustments can often resolve inflammation, misalignment or scar tissue, but the underlying cause of the pain has to also be properly addressed.

Remember, that the two big factors that are going to impact the duration of your treatment plan, are the extent of your injury and your body’s response to treatment

Then, ongoing Chiropractic care will help to ensure that joints are functioning properly. This can make you less susceptible to future injuries.