Men: Are You Taking Care of your Bones?

As men, we aren’t exactly known for self-awareness. I don’t mean the kind that is all the buzz now with words like mindfulness and living in the moment flying around all over the place. The awareness I am talking about is our physical awareness.

As men we are the protectors, defenders, providers and pillars of our families. So, while we are focusing on our jobs, deadlines, meetings, networking, and getting a workout in there as well, we don’t have much headspace left to think about the things that hold us together, our bones.

Let’s face it, women are good at listening to their bodies, they are pretty in tune with themselves. We aren’t.

So, if you are a guy over 30, you need to follow some tips to keep your body and bones stronger longer:

  1. Stretch – In the morning, before that game of golf or squash or when you are sitting at your desk for a long time.
  2. Drink water – Sip water throughout the day, other than keeping you well hydrated, it keeps your joints lubricated.
  3. Add weight bearing exercises into your workout – great for bone strengthening.
  4. Check your bone density.
  5. Make sure you are eating the right foods for not only calcium and vitamin D, but the other minerals that keep bones strong, like zinc and manganese – In a nutshell, salmon, peanuts and In a nutshell, salmon, peanuts and walnuts, greens, citrus and bananas should start you off right!