Shock Wave Therapy Dubai

Shock Wave Therapy Dubai

Shockwave therapy uses high-intensity sound waves to promote healing in various tissues. It boasts several benefits, including reducing chronic inflammation, stimulating collagen production, and dissolving calcium buildup. This creates an optimal environment for injured areas to recover, restoring function and relieving pain. 

Highly effective for treating pain in the shoulder, back, heel, knee, and elbow, it excels in treating chronic muscular and tendon disorders, back and neck pain, and trigger points. Compared to traditional therapy, it offers greater effectiveness and faster treatment times. 

Common conditions treated include: 

  • Painful joints: shoulder, elbow, knee 

  • Tendonitis: Achilles, patellar, epicondylitis 

  • Trigger points: various muscles 

  • Calcifications: heel spurs, frozen shoulder 

  • Fracture healing issues: post-surgery support 

  • Sports injuries: muscle strains, joint distortions, groin and hip pain 

By promoting tissue healing and regeneration, shockwave therapy significantly reduces recovery time for athletes and individuals suffering from chronic pain.