Suffering from Seasonal Allergies?

Did you know a chiropractor can help relieve your Seasonal Allergies?

A lot of us suffer, or know someone who suffers, from seasonal allergies. And it isn’t fun!
That stuffed, uncomfortable feeling, the watery eyes and the insistent sneezing can really affect your days and your mood!

So how can a chiropractor help?

We all know that everything in the body is interconnected, and sometimes, seasonal allergies can be aggravated by misalignment of the cervical neck area. This can cause interference in drainage, which can cause a build up of fluids, that results in a runny nose and itchy eyes!

Your chiropractor can release the tension and increase mobility, thereby facilitating drainage and relieving the sinuses.

This is safe to do on all ages, with appropriate modifications done for kids.

If you or your kids suffer from allergies, give us a call and come and see us!