Technology and Furniture

We are all on our devices a lot of the time – keeping up with work, news, family, friends. Tech is here to stay.

One of the side-effects of technology is our posture and bone-health. Degenerative disc disease that is usually seen naturally in  the over 40s, is now seen in teenagers. 

Since tech is here to stay, we all need to adapt and one of the ways is to get furniture that can assist in how we use our devise, furniture that can protect our necks and spines from accelerated deterioration.

Here are our top 5 choices you can have in your home and office:

  1.  Stand/Sit Desk – Gaining popularity in offices, these desks give you the option of standing and sitting. Sitting for long periods of time can cause all kinds of problems from back pain to varicose veins, so the option of standing gives your body much-needed relief.
  2. Laptop Stand – Whether you are sitting or standing at a desk, the screen you are looking at has to be at eye to keep you back and neck straight. Placing your laptop on a stand ensures that.
  3.  Stability Ball – Not only great for exercise, the stability ball can also be used as a ‘chair’ when you are working, it is great for your posture and your core, and kids love to use it as well.
  4. Ergonomic chairs – Have been around for a while now and should be standard furniture not only in offices but in schools. But just because you have a ‘healthy’ chair, doesn’t mean you don’t get up and stretch every now and then.
  5.  The Humble Footstool and Book – If you are stuck with a normal desk and a normal chair, putting a small footstool under your desk to raise your legs and getting a bunch of books to raise your computer to eye level, you are still encouraging good posture!

Technology does not have to harm your bone health, with some awareness and effort, you can prevent degenerative disc disease and chronic neck, back and spinal problems for you and your kids.

If you need more tips about posture, come in and see us.