Tennis or Golfers Elbow Treatment

Tennis elbow, not exclusive to tennis players, can result from repetitive wrist motions in various activities like golf, painting, or excessive gripping. Symptoms include tenderness on the outer elbow, morning stiffness, forearm soreness, and aggravated pain when holding objects. Chiropractic treatment, lasting four to six weeks, focuses on restoring elbow joint alignment and motion through manipulation. The examination also assesses the head, neck, upper back, and brachial plexus for nerve interference. Studies highlight the effectiveness of spinal adjustments in treating tennis elbow. For cases involving tendonosis, healing may take up to three to six months. Treatment involves rest, elbow strap use, ice, electrical stimulation, deep muscle work, iontophoresis, and exercises to stretch and strengthen forearm muscles. Chiropractors provide guidance on reducing strains during activities and modifying equipment for elbow safety.