The Pains of Teens

Is your teen complaining of aches and pains? Do you notice their posture is all off?

Here at the clinic, we are seeing more teenagers walking through our doors. While it is unfortunate
that they are having problems, it is essential that they come see us to avoid potentially long-term
health problems, including muscle pain, degenerative disc disease and chronic neck, shoulder and
back pain.

Some of the most common conditions and complaints are:

  • Forward head carriage – caused by too much time in front of a computer or looking down at a screen resulting in neck pain.
  • Scoleosis – An unnatural curving of the spine that is idiopathic, no defined known reason for it.
  • Lower back pain – Mostly due to heavy backpacks being lugged around or incorrect posture.
  • Misalignment due to one leg being shorter than the other resulting in hip and back pain.

If your teenager is complaining of back pain, neck and shoulder pain, or you notice that they are
walking funny or their neck or back are curved unnaturally, bring them in for a visit.