The Surprising Benefits of Golf

The weather in Dubai is at its best, what better time to take up an outdoor sport like golf?

Although its been stereotyped as an older gentleman’s game, golf has had a new life injected into it
to attract the young and fit man and woman. It has become one of the most popular sports to play

You might not think that walking leisurely around a huge park swinging a club every now and then is
physically challenging or beneficial. But golf has amazing benefits for your health:

  1. Spending time outdoors – nothing beats fresh air and some sun-provided vitamin D.
  2. Burn calories – golfers can burn up to 1000 calories per game.
  3. Walking – one of the best exercises to strengthen bones and muscles.
  4. Social interaction – as a social game, it allows you to build healthy relationships, which has been proven to prolong life.
  5. Great for co-ordination.
  6. Improves vision and focus.
  7. Reduces stress.
  8. A good night’s sleep.