TMJ Dysfunction Treatment

TMJ Dysfunction

Chiropractic care offers effective relief for TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain by addressing misalignments between the spine and nervous system. This approach, either standalone or in combination with other treatments, focuses on relaxing muscles, adjusting joints, and using trigger points to re-position the jaw accurately. Successful chiropractic treatment not only provides short-term pain relief but can also help prevent the recurrence of TMJ pain. 

Chiropractic therapy for TMJ emphasizes relieving muscle tension around the joints through trigger point therapy. Misalignment caused by improper posture or back issues can contribute to TMJ disorders, and chiropractic adjustments in the neck and upper back, along with trigger point therapy, aim to correct these issues. Improved jaw joint motion and reduced symptoms such as ear pain, jaw locking, headaches, and neck pain can result from these treatments. 

Additional therapies that may provide relief include moist heat, ice packs, a soft diet, jaw exercises, relaxation techniques, side sleeping with pillow support, and conscious efforts to relax facial muscles. Certain habits, like jaw clenching, gum chewing, and cradling the telephone, should be avoided to prevent aggravating TMJ symptoms. Additionally, long dental appointments and anesthesia that may affect mouth opening should be approached cautiously.