Top Outdoor Sports in Dubai

One way to enjoy the amazing weather we are having in Dubai is to move your exercise outdoors.

Nothing beats fresh air to clear your head and really enjoy sports you don’t get to do during the rest
of the year.

Mixing it up when it comes to sports is important to work different muscles and challenge yourself.
In our choices, we have put in a few you might not have thought of to do here in Dubai.

  • Rowing on water – An all body workout with cardio as well, rowing on water is that exercise that keeps you coming back because there is nothing else quite like it.
  • Archery – Great for posture, balance, co-ordination and upper body strengthening.
  • Cycling – Great as a cardio exercise and for muscle strengthening, cycling more importantly increases bone strength and improves mobility of the joints.
  • Walking – As a weight-bearing exercise, walking boosts bone density and also clears your head and reduces stress.
  • Climbing and hiking – Boosts bone density and strengthens core as well as working most of the muscles in the lower body and great for balance.
  • Golf – Mixing walking with co-ordination, social interaction and a great calorie burner, golf is an underrated game that is making a come-back.

Go outdoors and enjoy!